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Wed, Jun 3, 2020
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Wed, Jun 10, 2020
Meetup #AperiTech Online Edition - Panel: i miei errori più imbarazzanti da programmatore
Wed, Jun 10, 2020
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June 11
Cloud-native Applications from Development to Production
By Jan Leemans
June 2
TAKE BACK THE WEB! Bitcoin, Propiedad Digital y Stacks 2.0 [Spanish]
By Alex Viñas
June 16
Live demo: Come portare velocemente le applicazioni in un cluster Openshift in Cloud
By Ferdinando Gorga
June 23
Quanto costa ogni funzione di un Software? Scopriamolo usando Serverless Function in cloud
By Ferdinando Gorga
July 1
How to develop smartphone apps to control Bluetooth mesh networks
By Martin Woolley

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Codemotion Madrid 2019 I AI to hack the Universe

by Clara Luis Mingueza and Nerea Luis


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