Spotlight Sun, October 13
Using AI for developing OTT platforms
25 years of PHP: history and curiosities by Rasmus Lerdorf
The Deep Learning Revolution: interview with Christian Heilmann
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Cisco Coding Challenge
How good are you at 3D Twister?

Back-to-School Coding Game


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AI/Machine Learning

Local Data Science is dead: AI with a DevOp mindset
From artificial intelligence to generative deep learning
Scaling is Caring: scalable pipelines for machine learning in healthcare


Ready, Steady, Crash! One engineer’s journey into the world of load testing
GraphQL testing with Karate
How Search Engines Work


Blockchain in JavaScript with Lisk Alpha SDK
Interview with Sebastian Porsdam Mann
Algorand and the solution to the blockchain trilemma: security, scalability, and decentralization


Getting started with WebAssembly and Rust
Concerning Modules – how the lost wisdom of the ‘70s helps us today
Kickoff a React project: CRA, Next.js or Gatsby?


Evolving Unity: the Data-Oriented Tech Stack
Interview with game developer Jay Tholen
The interdisciplinary field of computer games according to Steven Goodwin


Project Interceptor: avoiding counter-drone systems with nanodrones
Experience after Nexi Dev Training Program
Interview with Pieter Omvlee

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October 29, 2019
Building an Enterprise-Class UI Architecture with Web Components
By Diego Ferreiro Val & Kevin Venkiteswaran
October, 17, 2019
Durable Functions 2.0
By Andrea Ceroni
October, 22, 2019
How to Refactor your Software Architecture?
By Alex Fernández
October, 24, 2019
Progressive Web Apps (PWAs): The future of web development
By Jorge Ferreiro
October 30, 2019
Post Quantum Cryptography
By James Birnie

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