Software is eating the world and AI is eating software. These main dots are tracing the beginning of a new path to draw the solution circle. Can we cope with this? Codemotion answers “yes” with about 100 different nuances!

Artificial Intelligence is the new paradigm to be managed inside any activity. All new companies use AI to super-charge the core processes of their business. Almost all startups consider AI solutions today, tailoring and packaging different components to a specific target. The circle is not yet complete, at least in Western countries, where software platforms are kept separated from goods delivery and money collection, while Chinese giants include all steps in their business.

Saying that “A is eating B”, or “Let’s connect the dots between A, B, and C”, is a beautiful phrase to become famous, or even more famous, but it warps the subtle but strong reality of code developing and maintaining. The solution circle is not closed yet.

Will IoT fill this gap? This is happening today in some areas (Precision Agriculture, Industrial Plants, and many others) suggesting a general trend is on his way. And Codemotion shows how developers can use new hardware with known software to package platforms whose management can leverage system engineers or not, DevOps or not.

If the new gold veins are AI (including machine learning and voice assistants) and IoT, both of them have been well represented during Codemotion Milan 2019.

The Babel Tower of code lifecycle

Let’s step back and give a look to today’s software world. It looks closer to the growing spiral of the Babel Tower than to a simple circle connecting a few dots. We live in a fragmented society where more technological waves coexist in ambiguous patterns. Bringing all experiences together, the Internet has declined code writing and lifecycle in many different approaches.

Many new strong trends are shaking the box: AI (let’s call it this way) and IoT, as we see, are new paradigms that ask for attention while penetrating the digital world. We understand these are the hottest topics because we found them both very cited inside many speeches, regardless of the main topic they describe.

These new paradigms may look like problems for techies and devs only, but the true destination is the company’s business: every time you add new steps to the Babel Tower you get closer to adding value for your client or customer.

Codemotion maps the business needs

A guide is needed in this world who holds an always-updated map. That’s what Codemotion has been developing during the years and throughout many different countries: a guiding map to tech updates in a timely way. Codemotion’s master plan has shown itself a viable place where to check for old and new coding approaches all in one single event with a hundred speeches: a business can easily mine value choosing the full path for their technical staff.

Conversation(al) AI

The use of a natural language to interact with well-designed automatic services is a very strong trend. The voice-responsive Conversational AI started on smartphones, moved to stand-alone devices and is now on most luxury cars: will it be the next wave for most user experiences?

Does it need a different business model? Will it impose itself on many other business models in a short time? These are the new questions that Codemotion answered directly to its broad audience through speeches from Google, Amazon, Here experts. Conversation AI main giveaways can be that “Conversation is the new user interface“, with a range of different AI tools, and that “it is not always possible to put an AI solution only in one box”, be it machine learning or whatever.

Closing the 360° circle

Considering its full program, Codemotion Milan 2019 is offering a 360° vision of digital technology, from the mindfulness of the inspirational track to the networking evenings of the focused meetups; from the career track to the CIO area.

Not to be forgotten, this 2019 edition has also celebrated the programming aspects of the space age, giving a keynote to Don Eyles, the man whose code landed the LEM to the Moon in 1969, and a tech speech to show how to avoid the code errors leading to Mars Climate Orbiter crash in 1999.

Codemotion is the largest event in Europe dedicated to code developers. It is also a unique opportunity for companies to improve products, awareness, staff, and partnerships. Let’s take a look at the represented tracks: IoT, mobile, game development, cloud, DevOps, serverless, AI/machine learning, Voice & Digital Assistants, languages, front-end, software architectures, cybersecurity to only cite the dev-intensive ones.