We did it again!” This is the first emotion that all the staff felt at the end of this new edition of Codemotion Milan 2019. Looking at all those happy people crowding the versatile location placed in Superstudio Più, same as the 2018 edition, in via Tortona. The final attendance of 25 hundred participants was very difficult to achieve for the nationwide strikes of the second day, but people never stopped coming, networking and listening to the about 100 events that dazzled these two days, October 24 and 25, 2019.

Fly me to the moon, let me play among the stars” was the virtual score of this event, whose main tagline was “Pioneer”. What could be closer than the moon landing itself, happened on July 20, 1969? That’s why the openings of both days were given to this dream come true: the first day by the words of Don Eyles, who wrote Lem’s code and was thus at the center of what gave shape to what we see today around us. That day, Cognitech’s Russ Olsen was a 10-year old boy who trembled like all other Americans in their houses, in the streets, waiting for the touchdown to perform… Russ decided he wanted to be one of them in his future life, and then he succeeded, working on everything from 3D design and image processing software to database query engines and workflow systems.

Coding is for Pioneers

“In this seventh edition of Codemotion Milan we wanted to focus on the concept of being Pioneers“, greeted Chiara Russo, CEO and Co-Founder of Codemotion, opening the event. “The most intriguing aspect of technology, and in Codemotion, is in imagining roads that were never beaten, in constantly maintaining a tension towards the future”. To boldly go where no woman, nor man, has gone before, is the easy but still true claim.

The Italian Digital Transformation Team is a group of talented people working hard to code the operating system of Italy. Part of the Italian Government, they work on several vital projects: Spid, pagoPA, National Population Register, and many others. They pioneer the Open Source approach for the Italian PA, bringing tools and connections to the developers’ community, as they showed again in Milan.

Languages, Cloud, DevOps, IoT, AI, Machine Learning, Voice & Digital Assistants, Serverless and Cybersecurity are only a part of the paths offering the full Monty of the ICT world today.

Artificial intelligence in general and its conversational mood exploited in the Voice Assistant ecosystem has probably been the most innovative and complete offer in Codemotion Milan 2019. Google‘s Priyanka Varadia, Amazon‘s Andrea Morresi, Here’s Michael Palermo have been the attachers of a rich team proposing other strong midfielders such as Simone Scardapane, Alberto Massidda, and Rafael Garcia-Dias, to name some of the AI experts that presented new angles in approaching AI.

The mood of “code every day to solve problems and feel better” was a variation to “be a pioneer”, as remembered by Thodoris Bais, whose speech (with Werner Keil) was on how to avoid metric problems than vanished the 300M$ Mars Climate Orbiter mission in 1999.

A Tale of Rest and Graph

There was also much room for a tale of microservices, REST, and GraphQL, in the lovely definition found by the @SheTechItaly to describe their speech in the community area. Microservices and serverless have been an important part of the main draw too, not only by Microsoft‘s Lorenzo Barbieri, or Susanne Kaiser, or Alex Casalboni, and many others.

We are actively working with Communities to engage and engage developers across Europe, both in our conferences and on our platform, on which we are developing collaboration and engagement tools together,” concluded Mara Marzocchi, Co-Founder of Codemotion. “The presence of more than 80 Communities that supported us in this seventh edition of Codemotion Milan 2019 confirms that we are going in the right direction”.

Big companies, big meetings

The big news of this edition is undoubtedly the HR Meeting, the first that Codemotion organizes within its conference in Milan. This is a closed-door meeting reserved for 40 professionals including HR Manager/Officer, Talent Acquisition Director and HR Business Partner, to create moments of discussion and exchange on best practices and obstacles that can be encountered in the IT recruiting world. Codemotion always cared to let companies and professionals meet, so the collaboration with Randstad was more than a pleasure.

The CTO Meeting has been hosted by Marco Casario, CBO with Codemotion, together with Susanne Kaiser and N26’s Patrick Kua.

Many large Tech Companies find Codemotion as a natural target to present innovative solutions and projects: Google Cloud, Cisco DevNet, IBM, Nexi, Sisal, Microsoft, Here, Idealista, Oracle, OVH Cloud are just some of the leading companies that supported Codemotion during this edition. Codemotion also enjoys the presence of many financing companies, including Generali, Mediolanum, LVenture Group, Invitalia Ventures SGR, and Barcamper Ventures.