With multitudes of technologies and an increase in customer demands, there are many challenges faced by full-stack developers today.

Fortunately, Sendil Kumar Nellaiyapen, a product developer for Xebialabs, has produced a new bible for building modern web applications and microservices from scratch quicker.

Sendil is perhaps best known these days for his expertise in JHipster, a development platform to generate, develop, and deploy Spring Boot and Angular/React applications and Spring microservices. It provides a variety of tools to help quickly build modern web applications.
When we spoke to him at Codemotion Rome, he was confident his new book would provide a one-stop shop for full-stack developers.
I have just authored another book which is called Full Stack Development with JHipster. Of course, it has JHipster in it and it contains the full stack entities. Everything encompassed in a single book. You will love it.
Sendil also talked about drastic improvements in the performance of the code in gaming applications and applications, “where you actually need a faster and more interactive output with your clients”.
My intention for Web Assembly is we have to include that in your normal web application you get maximum performance out of it in every single operation that you do


“I’ve been doing a lot of Open Source projects recently and my most interesting project is, of course, JHipster. I do have a lot of interest in doing Web Assembly-related projects. I’m also part of the Rust Web Assembly working group, which decides the future of Rust and Web Assembly together.”
The Codemotion conference so far is so amazing and I like the culture over here and it’s so vibrant. The developer community is so good over here. To describe Codemotion in a word: amazing.