GitHub’s Ashi Krishnan is a senior software engineer and visual poet. If you’re wondering how these two worlds could possibly come together, Ashi’s inspiring Codemotion talks at Berlin and Milan explained all.

In her talk, Living Things, Ashi explained how we all carry within us the power of creation. And, she says, with this power comes great responsibility – even when creating robots.

“We don’t want to create truly independent-thinking robots right now, because maybe then they won’t want to be robots and serve us. When we use machine learning and create these other cognitive agents, the shape of their cognition is going to be very, very different from ours. The ethical requirements for how we treat them and how they interact with us is going to be very different as well.”

Ashi has been telling stories with code and words since she was a child – perhaps even before. She has worked at seven-person start-ups, fought fires in the trenches of SRE at Google and spent the last three years teaching at coding bootcamps.

She now works as a senior software engineer at GitHub on the Atom project, where she hopes to break down the walls between us and our tools. In a world fascinated with technology, with robots and virtual reality, Ashi is learning to regard every moment, and the creatures within them, with love.