As a developer evangelist, Christian Heilmann is committed to making code and coders work efficiently and getting more done quickly without losing understanding about what we do or compromising on quality.

After dedicating the last 20 years of his life to making the web work and thrive, he has learned that knowledge is not enough without teamwork and a good handover.

He is currently senior program manager at Microsoft and is the author of several JavaScript books and the Developer Evangelism Handbook. Christian brought his wealth of JavaScript expertise to this year’s Codemotion Berlin, presenting his talk on JavaScript, Seven Things to Do to Make You a Happier JavaScript Developer.

In his talk, Christian celebrates the evolution of JavaScript from a fringe programming language to the most used one on the market. It has become increasingly versatile and, whether you’re a JS fan or not, Christian is adamant JavaScript is here to stay. His talk at Codemotion Berlin includes a few tricks and ideas on how you can cast aside your dislikes and worries and find a way to come to love the wild world of JavaScript.

Another area of significant interest to Christian is Artificial Intelligence (AI). As we begin to explore the endless possibilities of AI in our daily lives, Christian says we should worry less about whether a robot is going to take over our jobs tomorrow or a badly configured self-driving car will run us over and concentrate more on how AI can be a great way for humans to deal with machines and interfaces. By highlighting the many benefits of AI, we can encourage others to embrace the revolution that is deep learning.


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