Faisal Abid is a Google Developer Expert, entrepreneur, and engineer. A programming language enthusiast, he loves solving software engineering challenges across the stack.

At Codemotion Berlin 2018, he had some advice for anyone tackling the challenge of being a CTO.

“As a CTO, it’s really about being collaborative with everyone. I think it’s very, very important to understand that you aren’t smarter than everyone else, you do not know more than everyone else. It’s just about how you can collaborate as a team and understand that it’s not all about technology, it’s also about the business and making sure that you can keep both of them in mind as you’re developing.”

As a  serial entrepreneur, Faisal has worked in many startups throughout his career. In his role as CTO of Zoom.ai, a chat-based productivity tool that helps employees automate routine tasks, he understands when to break the rules and when to stick to the good processes which help teams scale quickly, address issues, and learn along the way.

At Codemotion Berlin, Faisal took us on Adventures on the Ethereum blockchain: how to build a decentralized app. The moniker of the decentralized app – DApp – might make it sound like a fad dance move. But, says Faisal, it’s not a dance move; it’s the future.

His journey through decentralized apps (DApps) explained the basics of what a decentralized app is, followed by how to program DApps using Solidity, how to deploy and test DApps on the blockchain, use cases and lessons learned.