Christian Heilman had two main aims at Codemotion Berlin: to make all developers fall in love with JavaScript and to make people less afraid of robots taking over the world.

Not a simple task – but he certainly made great strides during his fascinating talks at our conference.

So how can we convince people that they should worry less about robots taking over their jobs tomorrow or whether we’ll be mowed down by a self-driving car – and focus instead on the amazing possibilities of how AI can transform our lives for the better?


If robots can carry out a number of everyday tasks, wouldn’t this free up time and space in our brains for more stimulating stuff?

By highlighting the many benefits of AI, we can encourage others to embrace the revolution – which is already here – that is deep learning.

As a developer evangelist, Christian Heilmann is also committed to making code and coders work efficiently and getting more done quickly. But he also says this shouldn’t mean we have to compromise on quality – or lose sight of what it is we are doing.

He’s dedicated the last 20 years on making the web thrive, but he stresses that knowledge alone won’t get you through without teamwork and a good handover.

Fortunately, it appears Christian has all three in abundance in his role as Senior Program Manager at Microsoft. He is also the author of several JavaScript books and the Developer Evangelism Handbook.


Christian brought this wealth of JavaScript expertise to Codemotion Berlin, presenting his talk Seven Things to Do to Make You a Happier JavaScript Developer.

But he also brought to the stage a few tricks and ideas to encourage those who aren’t fans of dear old JS that they can find a way to love it. The wild world of JavaScript, says Christian, is here to stay. Just look at its incredible evolution from a fringe programming language to the most used one on the market!

We’re sure there were quite a few converts to JavaScript following Christian’s talk at Codemotion Berlin.